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Employee Health and Corporate Culture

The high price of workplace stress

This is a slightly older article but the numbers are scary.  I’ve always been a big believer in corporate culture and determining what you want yours to be, and I feel this is just one more example of how we can improve. A very powerful quote: “It’s up to all of us to make healthy choices but the choices we make are really as good as the choices we have.” I would say “…only as good as the choices we have”.  Sometimes the choice really is the lesser of two evils/bad choices.

How do we as business owners and community members/leaders address our contributions to those choices?  What are you doing about your corporate culture?

Nearly 20 years ago, I worked for Thompson Consumer Electronics (known as RCA in these parts) and they were French owned at the time.  I think they still are… anyway… it was a wonderful place to work from the sense of what they did to try and make our lives easier/better.  There was an on-campus cafeteria with many options (i.e. I didn’t have the leave the office and fight traffic to only have 10 minutes to eat.  I could actually have a leisurely lunch and catch up with friends if I wanted).  They served breakfast and lunch.  They had a concierge service that did many things for us: sat on hold with TicketMaster (this was before the internet was really big), worked with Milto’s, a dry cleaner, to provide pickup/drop off service, had a guy come onsite to do oil changes in the parking lot (he’d roll in with a big rig, you’d park in a special part of the lot that day, hand your keys to the gal working the desk, and at the end of the day, your car was taken care of), and had a local massage therapist come in once a month to do 30 minute chair massages.  These may seem like “niceties” and “extravagances” but let me tell you, they were HUGE in my book.  These were ways the company said to me “your time is valuable to me.  You are valuable to me. I know that life can be so busy, but here, let me help you with that.” It was a big stress reliever in the days before I had kids.  I can only imagine how wonderful it was to my mates that had kids.

You might not be able to do all of those things, or even any of them.  But you do need to ask the question/s about how well you are supporting your employees/tribe with living healthy.  When you are able to do this, care for your employees, it breeds loyalty, and better employees.  This only adds to your value as a company.  Just not having so much turnover due to burnout or “grass is greener” syndrome is priceless when you stop to think about training costs alone. Who wouldn’t want an office full of loyal employees who actually WANTED to work there?

I do offer on-site corporate massage, if this is something you would like to add as a perk to your employees, then please email me at so that we can make that a reality.  Your employees will thank you.

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