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How I got started in massage…

When I first left high school to go to college, I had decided on a PT degree, because I wanted to do some form of sports medicine.  Don’t ask me why; I don’t know.  Literally. But while there, I had to take a BASIC programming class to fulfill a math requirement. The competition to get into grad school (what you have to do to become a PT was fierce.  And I mean FIERCE! You knew by the end of the first semester of freshman year.)  And I probably wasn’t going to make it. A friend told me I was “really good that computer stuff” so I decided to switch gears and got a CIS degree instead.  Which stands for Computer Information Systems.  It later changed to MIS (Management) and now I think just goes by IT or IS. And it was good to me. VERY good to me.  I got to see the world and meet all kinds of lovely people. Experiences that I would NOT trade. But eventually, it seemed to stop being about helping people, and more being about convincing people why they need to buy the next upgrade.  Which I couldn’t get behind.  Enter my moral/philosophical battle.

I think my first massage was in 2000, the week before I got married. The therapist was male, but I don’t remember his name. But I knew I was hooked. Over that next 7 years, I was infrequent. But in 2007 my husband & I separated, and I became a single mom. Stress had entered my life in a new, big way. I searched around until I found a therapist I liked, and made a commitment to once a month. I looked forward to it for 3.99 weeks! I went through a couple more therapists, but eventually found one that I was with for 5+ years. And I started going every 2 weeks. She was the one that led me to becoming a therapist myself. I loved how much more I loved life when massage as a part of it and wanted to be able to do the same for others. I felt like a better mom, daughter, sister, girlfriend because it helped me emotionally and physically deal with the loss, stress, and anxiety.  I also was sick a lot less.  Like, a lot less (almost never). It helped me deal with chronic pain and tension, helped me learn how to relax and breathe, and get more in touch with my own body and to learn to listen to what it was trying to tell me.  It has been such a powerful, positive force in my life. How could i keep it to myself!?

Now that I am a therapist, I also know that sharing this gift comes at a price, so I receive weekly now. And that is it’s beauty, in that it still gives me more than I what I give, so that I have enough left over to share with my boys and family. I feel like I have come full circle, that I am back to helping people live their lives better. And that puts a big happy face on me!

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