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How massage can save you money…

What, you ask?  Spending money on a massage can actually help me SAVE money? How can this be? Think about it this way, how much do you currently spend on:

  • pain relievers
  • sleep aides
  • devices to manage stress
  • doctor’s visits, and he tells you that you need to relax more

or, how much have you given up because of pain:

  • your favorite hobby
  • playing with your children or grandchildren
  • being able to walk around the grocery store or mall
  • sitting comfortably in your chair
  • your sense of feeling good about yourself and/or your life

So, really, the biggest question is, how much is it worth to you to feel good?  $50 a month, $70 a month?

If you would like to learn more about how massage can help you with these things, give me a call or email, I would love to talk with you. Already convinced? Then let’s get started, I’m excited to work with you!

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