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Restless Legs

And I’m not talking about the kind that causes wanderlust… My mom suffered from RLS and it was awful. She’d wear holes in her sheets. No joke.  This was before I was a CMT. Sigh… Here are some nifty articles that help explain what the syndrome is, and some possible troubleshooting tips to help manage […]

What makes me special?

September 20, 2018
Health, Living Well

How are my massages different than everyone else’s? It’s a good question. In some ways, they are not. But in some ways they are. And ultimately I think that is your decision to make not mine to tell you. But here are some of my thoughts… It is a nearly sacred act, massage. You are […]

Help for what ails you

Who doesn’t like a little help?  Do you know someone who is: Is stressed Works too hard Tired Active Weekend Warrior In pain Deals with anxiety or depression Older Trying to live a more healthy lifestyle Sits for long stretches at work Does manual/physical labor Younger Stands for long stretches at work Breathes oxygen You […]

How massage can save you money…

What, you ask?  Spending money on a massage can actually help me SAVE money? How can this be? Think about it this way, how much do you currently spend on: pain relievers sleep aides devices to manage stress doctor’s visits, and he tells you that you need to relax more or, how much have you […]

How I got started in massage…

When I first left high school to go to college, I had decided on a PT degree, because I wanted to do some form of sports medicine.  Don’t ask me why; I don’t know.  Literally. But while there, I had to take a BASIC programming class to fulfill a math requirement. The competition to get […]